The advisory committee serves the dual purposes of information transfer and advisory input. It functions as a disseminating network to constituencies on the issue of global standards. Criteria for selection to the Advisory Committee includes a unique contribution and experience in medical education, global reputation and interest, and global or regional political impact.

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The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the work of the project. It is made up of representatives with significant reputations in medicine and medical education from around the globe.

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Members of the Core Committee were selected for their involvement, expertise and commitment to educational innovation and creative thinking. Their reputation and experience allow them to influence the medical education globally. They were entrusted with the task of defining the "Global Minimum Essential Requirements" (GMER) that include the knowledge, skills, professional attitudes and behavior that each graduate must possess at graduation from medical school regardless of where they are trained. The concept of "essential requirements" may be viewed as a three-tiered structure composed of global (established by the Committee), national and local competencies that addresses the specific needs in social and cultural context where a physician is educated and will practice.

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Members of the Task Force consist of eight experts in assessment technology, and additionally a few consultants. They have been entrusted with the task of determining whether each of the required 60 outcome competencies stated in the GMER document are sufficiently clear, specific, measurable and eventually what modifications should be considered. They must choose the most suitable instruments to evaluate each of these outcomes, and indicate how reliable, valid and costly each of these instruments.  In the case of outcomes where proper assessment tools are not available they should indicate surrogate measures which can be used and for which areas of competencies more research on assessment is needed. The Task Force experts will be involved in the assessment of students during the cooperation of several medical universities in China.

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